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singing canary cd” canari “chant du canari” “تغريد الكناري”

By Editor

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mine did that too, eventually they get over it. its super common.

مشاااااء الله

@OakMoB510 You sicko!

Hey, that’s Price Tag!!

سبحان من خلق جمال الصوت في هالطيور الصغيره الضعيفه

Yeah my canary started singing like this so i smacked him so he can stop doing that and it worked he never sings

No, thats just normal, every canary does that 🙂

احب طائر الكنار

@GloriaGutbucket r u saying that u hit him??

Your canary is fine, birds to that quite often. Do not do anything but what you are already doing. His leg is not hurt, do not worry 🙂

@nouga93 It is always a good idea to bring your canary to a good (Avian) vet at least once. I’ve had birds my whole life, and my vet always finds (and shows me) things I did not notice; things that ultimately lead to much better health for my parrots, my canary,…

Çok güzel ötüyor, teşekkürler ve de şükran dostum

Çok güzel ötüyor, teşekkürler ve de şükran dostum

good singer !!

@GloriaGutbucket cuz ya flicked it duh

I have a Canary but it will not sing. I flicked it to make it and it died. Why ?

@MultiPurplebitch ,no just clean it regulary and let him ,he will be fine ,also clean well his cage to avoid any infection through his hurted leg .change to it every day his water and you have to buy him a big vage if you have small cage or made it your self ,wish i could help you

I have a canary we just recently bought. We have let him out of the cage once or twice and he has seemed to hurt his little leg. He moves around the cage ok and is feeding bathing and singing regularly but once inwhile he will stand on one leg… Any advice? should i take it to the vet? This happened about a week ago….

lindo neh…

يسلاااام شنوو هذا ماشالله عليييه حبييب

ماشاء الله ^-^


عمل جيد

belle canare

je voudre un cd du chanr de canari es ce posible

Im very much with you where the coffee is concrened. What wrong with a nice cup of strong coffee? Why does it need all the bells, whistles and syrupy bits I will never know!! We were at the Outlet yesterday evening and it was like a ghost town! I couldnt believe it. Though I get the feeling that on Boxing Day it will be a different story. In one way its good because you dont have to struggle around the crowds but in another, the crowds is what lets you know its Christmas! Catch 22 eh? Anyway, your card is really beautiful Mina, Im sure Phil will love it. Lee xx

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