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Mango the Canary enjoys being out

By Editor

Mango our canary loves being out of his cage. Even though he has a bowl full of food, he prefers to come out to pick up any seeds he’s knocked out of his cage.

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What does it mean when he makes that sound?


lovely colour!!

Hi does anyone know how i could make my canary sing all the time. would leaving a cd with bird or animal noises help make it sing??


Omg hes beautiful.

Birds only make a limited amount of pigment, so supplementing them with more will allow more to be deposited into the plumage. Genetics also play a role here, as colour genes will control how much pigment is deposited. Therefore a canary with the gene for little pigment (a yellow) will not darken no matter how much pigment you give it. A bird with the genetic capability to deposit large amounts of pigment (a red factor) will use that extra pigment. So less supplied pigment means pale.


Colour feeding can brighten a bird. In red factors, just like siskins, they tend to dull unless they receive a diet high in canthaxanthin, Beta-Carotene, and other ‘orange’ carotenoids. Although I don’t recommend feeding carotenoid supplements (as their knows to be full of things that are not healthy for the bird) A diet high in natural carotenoid will darken red plumage on the next moult. The carotenoids need to be present when the feathers are formed to be incorporated into them.

Birds are such a delight 😉

@tambostorm I will say that I was incorrect to say that red factors is a ‘mutation’, you are right in that red factors were made from hybridisation many generations ago. Either way, the red colour comes from the red colouration genome that is taken from the Black-hooded red Siskis and is not a normal canary gene. I guess my explintation was just to say that feeding the canaries sertain foods will not make them bright red, but just like flamingos it came make their colours more vibrant


Red factors are actually not genetic mutations, they were originally obtained through breeding canaries with other finches. The finch used was a Venezuelan Black-Hooded Red Siskin, the type of canary unknown. The offspring then were bred back to canaries. Genetically, modern red factors are around 98-99% Canary and 1-2% siskin. However, despite this they are considered canaries.

Hybridisation and genetic mutation are two different things.

You feed him broccoli ?

i have a canary that has the same voice and also the same colour but mine always hits the wall when he fly poor fellow

Ever since I got budgies, I’ve known angry bird noises, happy, sad, depressed, lonely, and hurt noises. These have helped me understand wild bird sounds, too. Also your canary. Your bird is clearly very happy because he puffed himself up and exploded while he was singing:)

@14Raine14 Lol it does my father did it and it actually worked but it still pretty cool anyway.

What a cute little fellow! I don’t think I’ve seen a red factor so bright before! It’s nice to see that you let him out of his cage as well, it’s a nice treat to birds who spend most of their time in cages because they arn’t ‘hand tamed’

@MrRulezor Although feeding the parrents of any pet is essential on the babies’ health, it really doesn’t effect the colour. This is what is called a Red Factor canary, and just like different coloured cockatiels, it is a mutation in the genes.

I thought canaries were YELLOW?! .,. Epic color!

thats a nice red. i wish my canary still had his color. Now he has like a pale red.


wow so beautiful….names suiits her perfectly..:)

The name Mango suits him perfectly. Such a bright, lovely color!

this is great to play to my canary to get it to make some noise!

To get that color in a canary you need to feed the mom and daddy a special food so they can put eggs and make that adorable canary 😀

awww its so cute and its color is really pops i love bright colors like this 😀

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