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From our forum… Advice needed

By Editor

Hello. I’m new to your club, but at the moment, I have a new pair of Roller canary parents. The mother nested very well, sat well, the father is not attentive, and now that the babies hatched 4 days ago, all the mother does, is sit on the nest. I shooed her out, and she sat on the side and just stared at the babies reaching for food. I’ve now taken the 3 little ones in hand myself, and have watered down some Peak Health Formula, and am dissolving that in warm water and they are eating that. I’m not sure what to do next. Any suggestions? Please help if you can

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If it has been several days you might not need to do anything because the mother will likely have been feeding them when you are not there. They really like a lot of privacy and this is why the breeding cages are closed in from the sides. Check the crops of the young at various times of the day to see if they are full. They empty quickly after you feed them the egg food they need. Dont use old egg food that sits in the cage for more than a few hours or the mother will look for other food such as spinach or romaine lettuce. I have offered these greens with no problem but it is something that others have not always had sucess with. You never feed frost damaged or wilted lettuce.I slice a wedge of apple and wedge it between the cage bars near a perch where they can pick at it. The hen will mix this in with the egg food and store the right amount in her crop for feeding the young in small amounts. Add some poppy seed into the egg food to increase their appetite. Poppy has a medicinal effect on slow eaters.
I hope this helps.
– Kent Donnelly,
President of the Dominion Roller canary Association and Editor of the DRC News.


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