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Don Swavely’s Soaked Seed Recipe

By Editor

Rape (canola) 3 parts
Wheat 1 part
Safflower 1 part
French millet 1 part
“Soak in a 4 litre plastic ice cream container for 8 hours with a teaspoon of Domestos. Wash thoroughly through a 25 cm (10 inch) sieve and leave to drain. Repeat morning and evening standing to drain each time. When the seed shoots are around 4 mm (3/8 inch) the dark cover on the canola will fall off and show a green/yellow soft seed. This is a perfect mixture to feed. The amount of time to germinate varies upon the air temperature. In spring 4-5 times and summer 3-4 times. It will require 3 sieves so you have fresh each day surplus can be ded to pairs without young. This mixture is the original passed onto me by Lindsay Reid and you will find 20% more young will be bred.”

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