The Vancouver Canary Club

Promoting the breeding, keeping, and
exhibition of canaries.

Welcome club members and all canary enthusiasts!

     Welcome to the Vancouver Canary Club! 

        The Vancouver Canary Club operates in the Greater Vancouver and
        Fraser Valley areas of British columbia, Canada. Our goals are to:

  • Promote the breeding and keeping in captivity and exhibition of cage birds.
  • Establish contact between breeders and fanciers and to interest the general public in the hobby.
  • Collect data and assist the progress of scientific knowledge and exchange of ideas.

New Mailing Address:
2251 Como Lake Ave. Coquitlam, BC V3J 3R6




Types of canaries – part two

By Editor

This video shows pictures of the three types of canary birds. type. song.color الفيديو يوضح جميع انواع الكناري التي تربى لشكلها ولتغريدها وللونها http://www….



Najah’s Canaries 2011 Breeding Season

By Editor

Quality Song Canaries In Phoenix, Az



5 Canaries Singing Along with Jazz Music

By Editor

The gang is back singing along with their favorite jazz clips and trying to outcompete each other.



The end of a poor canary breeding season 2012

By Editor

at last 2 young in the nest.



Canaries In The Coal Mine – Prepping for OPA!

By Editor

We’ve been prepping for the OPA show…still a few kinks to work out. http://www.jordanwhit…


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